How it started

After graduating with a Computer Science degree from Hiram College in 1991, Joe worked as a FoxPro programmer for Ohio Edison (FirstEnergy, Corp) in Akron Ohio. Growing tired of supporting legacy systems and eager to learn newer technology, Joe left Ohio Edison in 1996 for a job at a consulting firm based in Cleveland Ohio (NewMedia).

Working for a large consulting company was not a gratifying experience. The main if not only goal was to generate as many billable hours as possible. Complicating the process with unnecessary meetings, status reports, and other red tape, even the simplest of tasks would take weeks if not months to complete.

Convinced there was a better way, Joe quit NewMedia after only six months and decided to work as an independent consultant. The focus would be to help small to medium sized companies that could not afford the high cost of doing business with a large consultant company.



Where we are today

Joe Wortman founded Wortman Consulting in 1996, working as a sole proprietor based out of Rootstown Ohio until 1999. On February 23rd 1999, Wortman Consulting was incorporated to form Wortman Consulting, Inc. That same year, our offices were moved from Rootstown to downtown Ravenna Ohio.

We now employ two full time employees and three independent contractors. We serve numerous clients throughout the Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus Ohio areas.



> The Salvation Army
> Chesterfield Resources, Inc.
> Frank Gates / Attenta
> Comprehensive Risk Management
> Corporate Technologies Group
> Group Management Services
> J.J. Detweiler Enterprises